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We’re a dynamic group of providers with a groundbreaking health and wellness innovative idea designed to contribute towards a much better tomorrow.

We offer the following services: ​

  • Wellness and Functional Therapy

Holistic wellness as a result of  evidence-based strategies, tools, and techniques with therapeutic approaches to effect healthy changes in clients diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle ​modalities.

Weight Loss management ​

Stress Management ​

  • Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Acupressure, Chinese dietary therapy, ​

Chinese herbal formula,​

Meditative physical exercise, and essential oil. ​

  • Skin health assessment, maintenance of  naturally younger looking skin and  rejuvenation with FDA registered, plant-based skin care regimen to attain youthful glowing and much healthier skin.

Clients condition may improve without the serious risks of some medical and surgical interventions. ​


Health and Wellness coaching

Clarielle USA skin health education. Clarielle USA is a dynamic company that  manufactures plant based product(s), FDA registered skin care line that are gentle on your skin  for youthful, younger looking skin glow.

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated customer service. At Integrative Holistic Healthcare, we believe that the right understanding and self-empowerment can lead individuals towards a successful and much healthier future. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our team members.

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